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About Flipick

Flipick offers content aggregation on a technology
platform for non-synchronous online courses...

About Us

Flipick is an integrated technology platform comprising LMS, Content Management, Publisher libraries and learning apps across Web, iOS, Android and Windows 8. Our interactive authoring tool builds animation and annotation based videos that can record exceptional quality white board lectures at 10% of the size of traditional MP4 videos

We offer an e-commerce market place for institutes and students to buy courses, which are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected and downloaded on web browsers, tablets or smart phones

Flipick helps to build services for an enhanced and interactive online course with reading material, videos, interactive learning sessions and formative assessments. We work with leading publishers including Pearson, Elsevier, Sheth Publishers, Mock Bank and Ravi Handa to provide interactive content from renowned authors. The question bank with thousands of questions for every course helps the student to take an assessment with deep analytics to identify areas of strength and weakness. Mock tests are provided to the structure of competitive exams including JEE, AIPMT, CAT and Banking

Institutes can benefit from aggregated content and build courses by adding their own content in the form of Word, Excel, Power Point and PDF documents. The platform roadmap includes adaptive learning, Experience API based progress tracking, student assignments and synchronous lectures

Digital Publishing For content providers and publishers, Flipick also provides and all-in-one integrated solution that supports eBook conversion services from InDesign and MS Word to fixed layout or adaptive eBooks with interactive feature. Flipick intends to redefine the way the publishing industry and authors look at publishing books and reach their target audiences.

Vision At Flipick, we dream of an India where students get a quality education and a chance to achieve more with their careers. We hope to start an educational revolution that raises the bar of every skillset in the country.

Mission To provide a new standard of pedagogy for adaptive and non-linear learning and a scalable infrastructure for flipped classrooms.

The Brand Heritage As a subsidiary of Mediawide Labs Pvt. Ltd., Flipick comes with a lot of experience in branding and marketing. Being the pioneers in enterprise solutions for promotional management, customization and execution, the Mediawide family is well versed with the wide diversity of the target audiences in the country, as well as developing technology for continuously evolving marketscapes.


“How much preparation is enough preparation?”

It’s a thought that occupies the mind of every student who is looking to enter the competitive world of higher education. Unfortunately, even teachers and institutes like you find it hard to answer the dreaded question. But fortunately, there is a way to reassure your students. By preparing them for every eventuality, every aspect of the impending examination.

Flipick is a tool that helps you do exactly that. It gives you complete freedom to shape the potential of your students in a way that you think is best. And that means, no matter what comes their way, your students will always approach examinations from a position of strength.

For every school of thought Flipick’s courses and features cater to a wide range of educational institutes. So no matter if you are an open university, a college, a coaching class or a school – we’ve got you covered.

Led by you, supported by us Go online with co-branded portals and reach out to a wider student base by giving them the freedom to access your courses from wherever they are. Give your educational institute the power of mobile education with Flipick.

Your institute, your rules When it comes to the best way to prepare students for their examinations, you are the expert. Flipick lets you maximize your experience in education by letting you build and offer online courses to your students. This way you have the full control to customize the journey of your students through the examinations they have to appear in.

Education weds technology Gone are the days with education was just a one way street and classrooms were a place made of just bricks and mortar. Today, interaction is the king and classrooms are using modern technology to push the boundaries of possibilities in education. Flipick lets you ride this wave of interactive education with the help of courses built with ePubs, word documents, Powerpoint presentations, MP4 videos as well as whiteboard learning videos. Your students will not just receive their education at your institute. They will experience it.

Manage every aspect With Flipick’s Learning Management Systems, educational institutes can now control every facet of their students’ preparation. They can manage the course content in a way that suits individual students the best. And with the help of in-depth analytical tools, they can also identify the weaknesses and strength of those individual students.
This way, the institutes can get a perfect analysis of their students, thus paving the way for a holistic preparation for their examinations.


With technology and internet growing exponentially with every passing day, the face of education is changing rapidly. No more is it a passive medium, constrained to the classroom interactions between the teacher and the students. It is now moving towards a more experiential approach with interactivity and customization dictating its course. More than ever, it is now important for the publishing industry to remain relevant in this digital environment and migrate to electronically friendly platforms.

Go digital

While books as a medium may be getting obsolete, content is still what attracts students and teachers. So ride the wave of digitization and convert your content into online courses with Flipick.

Now add interactive elements to your courses like ePubs, Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, MP4 videos as well as whiteboard learning videos. Not only will that help you reach more students, you will also fulfil the requirements of academic institutes that are looking to move towards smarter classrooms.

White labelled stores

If you don’t already have a store, you can build a co-branded store in collaboration with Flipick and start publishing and selling your digital books. Along with the portal, the Flipick online platform comes fully furnished with e-commerce and m-commerce capabilities. This way, you can get maximum visibility with your target student as the online store acts as a direct platform between you and thousands of students and coaching classes that are looking to use educational eBooks on the move.


“How much preparation is enough preparation?”

Teachers want to teach. Students want to learn. When the logic is so simple, you’d think that reaching a good number of students would be an easy task for instructors like you. But the fact is, geographical locations and time constraints often become unsurmountable barriers in the process. So teachers like you end up reaching out to only a few students and the students end up missing out on a great opportunity to learn from you.

Fortunately, there’s a way to avoid this barriers. The Flipick way.

With Flipick, you can amplify your reach to almost any part of the world and utilize modern teaching methods to enhance the learning experience of your students.

Partner with Flipick Students usually bunk school, colleges and even coaching classes, but the one thing they never bunk is the opportunity to be on the internet. This makes internet a medium fraught with your potential students and the best channel for you to reach them.

Flipick offers you the chance to build your very own online learning portal and establish your presence on the internet. With a Flipick co-branded portal, you can be up and running your own online business in no time.

Say goodbye to the traditional way to reach out to the students!

Build it yourself Every teacher and instructor has his own style of teaching and a vision of how each student should approach his learning journey. With Flipick’s self-service course builder, you can design your own curriculum, including everything you think is important and discarding what you think isn’t. You also have the freedom to choose the extent of the content on each topic, hence identifying the ones that your students should spend most of their time with.

And since only you know how much effort you put in building the course for your students, it is only you who decides the monetization of those courses.

Teaching it the smart way Let’s face it. While text book learning sworn by the teachers of the past, the students of today need more dynamic tools than that. Flipick gives you a chance to create all your content using interactive media elements that can spice up your content and deliver your courses in a manner that captures their attention.

You can now add ePubs, Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, MP4 videos as well as whiteboard learning videos to your courses.

So go ahead and wow your students with Flipick!

Our Team

Ravi Dugal

President & CEO

Ish Parekh


Glenn Bailey

VP Technology

Nitin Palekar

Director Finance

Tanveen Dugal

Director, Marketing & Sales

Anil Tomar

Senior Product Manager - LMS

Neelam Koul

Senior Product Manager - Windows Mobile

Prashant Sanodia

Senior Product Manager - Authoring System

Vishwas Karanje

Senior Product Manager - Flipick Store

Tarun Tejnani

Product Manager - iOS

Pritpal Singh Bhatia

Senior Operations Manager

Dhruva Chopra

Creative Head

It’s about the right people

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it”   --HE Luccock

Flipick Office Locations

Flipick Headquarter

Pride Icon, Kharadi-Mundhwa Road, Office #507, Kharadi, Pune – 411 014, India.
+91 20 66877500

Flipick (EMEA)

167 Barton Street, Gloucester, GL1 4HT, United Kingdom. +44 (0)1452 535 786

Flipick (USA)

Corporate Place South, Suite #403, Piscataway, NJ, 08854, United States of America.
+1 732 400 1759

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