Bringing books
to screen.

The world’s most advanced automation tools and services to bring your books to mobile devices.

Embracing Digital

Re-thinking eBooks to fully utilize the digital medium.

We love printed books: they look great, are easy to read and have a legacy of amazing content. We also love phones and tablets: they’re everywhere and eBooks are the new books. Flipick adapts one hundred percent of the original book’s layout and content standards while embracing the digital medium’s native capabilities and portability. It’s the best of both worlds.

Responsive layout

Beautiful books that work with the smallest phones and largest tablets.

Flipick was designed from the ground up so your books adapt to phones and tablets of all sizes. Sophisticated rules automate how each part of the page layout is rendered depending on the size of the mobile device and its current orientation of landscape or portrait mode.

When automation doesn’t get something right, our designers work closely with authors and publishers to precisely control every aspect of the layout and behaviour.

Structured Text

Never miss the little details that make printed books special.

Most eBook platforms often find shortcuts to go digital and miss critical nuances like typography and complex layout rendering of paragraphs, images and mathematical equations. Flipick converts and renders to actual text which makes everything look crisp on all displays. Also, since everything is just text, books are indexed so your readers can search anything within your book instantly.

Animation and Videos

Help audiences learn and understand things better with motion.

Books are mostly text but videos are engaging and animations are effective for instructional, timeline based tutorials. If you have existing Flash based animations that you’ve spent a lot of time authoring, Flipick can recycle and convert those into native HTML and CSS3 based animations that work across mobile devices. You can also use our in-house library of built-in animations and effects to explore new possibilities for an existing book.

Assessment & Analytics

Students can participate in interactive Q&A's and get instant feedback.

Most technical books have chapter or section level practice tests to aid students but don’t provide them with instant feedback. Flipick can create interactive practice tests or ones based on custom exam patterns. A dedicated, easy to use, in-app analytics system provides students instant results and helps them identify their strengths, weaknesses and target areas that need work.

Web Store

Sell books directly to students without the hassle of setting up a store.

Setting up a secure eCommerce store and payment gateway can be time consuming. Flipick has a complete, white-label friendly web store designed for digital delivery of eBooks. Authors and publishers can customise the user experience and hook up with their existing billing systems quickly to sell eBooks to schools, colleges, institutes or direct to students.

Native App Readers

Distributing your books as a custom, standalone app is easy.

To distribute books to your readers, Flipick built a simple but powerful, white-label friendly iOS, Android and Windows application that you can call your own. It works seamlessly with the web store and you can customise the app icon, the brand and embed a single book or an entire library. It supports all book features and has encryption built- in to protect against piracy.

Offline Books

Books work without the internet and so should eBooks.

A lot of readers don’t have reliable internet access, especially to download video content. We make sure that our eBooks can work completely offline when they need to. Select device manufacturers will embed entire book libraries onto their device or via an external memory card.


We’re working with the world’s largest book publishers to bring eBooks to market.

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