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It could be a fresh talent starting off in your organization. Or an old hand who needs bring his expertise to a new department. Training and re-orienting employees to your company’s ecosystem can have a far reaching impact on your success.

By partnering with Flipick, you can monitor, direct and improve employee training in your organization as well as introduce new functionalities with complete ease. It allows you to create and distribute interactive courses and track progress of employees and departments. You can also customize the training courses and give your trainers the freedom to add or edit parts of the training module according to the goals and objectives they set for the trainees.

What Flipick gives you is a fully customizable LMS, content creation modules and course catalogues. What you can do with them, well, the possibilities are unlimited.

Learning Management System

Asynchronous Learning

Training may be a crucial part of working in an office, but it’s not the one that people look forward to. This happens for a variety of reasons. It could be because it disrupts the work days and inconveniences the employees. Or because it is often monotonous and frankly boring.

Flipick LMS provides asynchronous training platform for organizations that provides a solution to both these problems. It allows the employees to learn at their own pace and schedule the sessions at a time of their choosing. It also transforms the training into interactive and engaging courses, making

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Synchronous Learning Platform

With offices all around the country, or even the world, training employees can not only get very expensive but also very hard to manage. To maintain the same quality standards of learning across the board can indeed be difficult. The experts your organization brings on-board can only reach so many branches. The new technologies or modules you want to implement can only be rolled out with so much speed. Unless you adopt a platform that understands the needs of an organization of your size.

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Blended Learning

If you want to increase the active learning aspect in your training courses, Blended Learning is how you can do it. It allows you to record live virtual classes and lets your employees experience it as many times as they want, any time they want. You can also add pre-designed simulations and animations to live training sessions, making them even more effective and interactive.

With Blended Learning, you can truly deliver an immersive and interactive learning experience.

Content Services

Whatever training module you may deploy in your organization; content will always be king. And with the growing need for interactive and engagement material to train employees, creating that kind of content can be an intimidating task.

Flipick’s content services can quench the thirst for such interactive teaching content. Because when you partner with Flipick, you can access a vast library of videos, off-the-shelf courses and a comprehensive question bank. With such content backing your training modules, you can set a benchmark

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Who doesn’t love games? And if boring and monotonous course can be turned into such fun content, who wouldn’t want to participate in that training?

We can take your existing content and do exactly that. Our team consists of experts across various fields, from gaming to animation to visual storytellers, who can convert any training module into interesting and engaging game-like content.


When it comes to employee training and talent development, organizations can’t afford to guess or make assumptions about the progress. They have to always be on point and in the know.

Flipick LMS includes Tin Can statements that make it possible to collect data of an employee’s experiences, both online and offline.

From these statements, reports can be compiled at two levels – Trainee and Corporate. Each report has its own benefit. Since the results are published instantaneously, the trainer can use real-time performance data of their

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Integration with Third Party Tools

Well we don't just provide customized LMS and content services. We have the ability to integrate our learning platform with third party tools through API’s. Not just that, the content from third parties like Articulate and Captivate can also be integrated. To meet with specific needs of our clients, we ensure integration is not a problem.

If your organization already has an online presence or existing training modules, you needn’t worry about throwing them out. Flipick can work in tandem with your technical team and provide customized services to match your requirements.

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