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Most of the time, teaching in itself isn’t the difficult part. It’s everything around it that makes it seem so. Keeping track of the batches, analysing the progress of the students, setting and grading the tests, of all these take up the time that could be well spent elsewhere.

Flipick’s Learning Management System helps you deal with exactly that. It lets you harness the benefits of Synchronous, Asynchronous and Blended Learning. It also allows you to manage each batch of your institute and focus on helping them improve. And it also lets you create, track, manage and distribute interactive content across courses and helps you monitor the progress of every individual student.

It’s indeed the full package.

Learning Management System

Synchronous Learning

What hasn’t changed over the years is the importance and significance of the traditional classroom teaching. But what has changed, are the possibilities of how it can be done. This traditional face-to-face education between your students and the teachers can now happen over great distances and at a time that suits everyone.

Flipick’s LMS supports learning and teaching by providing multiple ways to interact, share, and collaborate with the help of live lectures, recordable whiteboards, live annotations and real-time analytics.

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Asynchronous Learning

Asynchronous learning lets students learn at their own pace. This kind of learning platform allows students to spend time on conceptual learning and gain a deeper understanding of the subjects.

This type of learning also allows students to read, learn, assimilate and apply the basic concepts that’ll have to be understood before being taught. So that the teacher can spend more time taking the sessions to the next level and exploring the topics in greater detail.

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Blended Learning

You can also get the best of both platforms with Blended Learning. It allows you to record live virtual classrooms and lets the students experience it as many times as they want, any time they want. You can also add pre-designed simulations and animations to live classrooms, making them even more effective and interactive.

Student Management

Managing an institute goes beyond the classroom sessions. It’s about keeping a track of attendance records, enrolment records, as well as monitoring individual student performance in a sea of students. All this can be time taking. Unless you use Flipick LMS. It gives you the complete power to do all of this, faster and better.

It also assists you with course creation and allocation as well as tailoring the lessons according to the batch size and need.

Proctoring Tool

One of the biggest areas of concern while switching to LMS is conducting the exams. There’s always the fear of students taking advantage of the online nature of the exams and using unfair means to write the tests. With the use of a proprietary proctoring tool, Flipick’s LMS puts all those worries to rest. This tool helps institutes monitor and secure online tests. It maintains the sanctity of the testing environment, and immediately closes the session and reports it if the student tries to move out of the test window.

It’s been put to the test, so that your students can be ethically tested.

Content Services

We understand that the course material you use to teach in classrooms is a product of years of hard work and painstaking curation. So it’s only natural to be a little hesitant to shift to an online, interactive teaching platform.

But with Flipick’s content conversion services, none of your existing content will get left behind. In fact, you’ll now have the freedom to make that content even more engaging by converting it to interactive courses. Because now, you can add videos, 2D-3D animations, simulations and illustrations to topics that need conceptual learning as well as re-author content from Flash to HTML5.

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