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Digitizing Content

We understand that the books and study material used to teach in the classrooms is a product of years of hard work and painstaking curation. So it’s only natural to be a little hesitant to shift to an online, interactive teaching platform.

But with Flipick’s content conversion services, none of your existing content will get left behind. In fact, you’ll now have the freedom to make that content even more engaging by converting them to interactive eBooks.

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Flash To HTML Re-authoring

If your institute or organization has existing content stored in SWF or FLA files, Flipick offers you a complete authoring solution to convert them into HTML5 files.

The tool starts off by extracting assets from the flash files. Then it processes those assets using a proprietary Layout and Animation Editor built on the .net platform. What you get finally are files that are fully HTML5 compatible and ready to be integrated into your LMS or uploaded on to your website.

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Cross-Platform Compatibility

When the market gives your customers so many operating systems to choose from, why should your LMS take away that freedom? Flipick’s LMS and content services work across all popular mobile platforms like iOS, Android, as well as Windows OS and are fully compatible with all major Tablet, Laptop and PC models.

Video Production and Enhancements

For some topics, telling isn’t enough. You have to show the concept visually, sometimes with its applications. In such cases, you may have an extremely well-researched and explained write-up, but it’ll only work well if you have a video to accompany it.

Towards this, Flipick can help you produce 2D animation and live action videos for specific topics and integrate it seamlessly into your existing course material.

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White Labelled Stores

To establish a thriving online presence, your organization can start-off with Flipick’s White Labelled Stores. These stores can help monetize the content you design by uploading it to your own store in the form of eBooks, enhanced eBooks, assessments, online courses and videos.

So when you develop world-class study material, you can also develop a world-wide consumer network.

Mock Test and Test Preps

Through the ages, testing has been the best way to judge the depth of one’s understanding of the subject. And with the competition growing exponentially, staying prepared is the only way to stay ahead.

That’s why Flipick partners with world-class content providers like Pearson, Elsevier and McGraw Hill and many more to provide a bank of mock tests for all major competitive exams and university courses. This helps the students test themselves holistically and prepare for any eventuality that may come up during an exam.

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