Elixir Locale offers a state-of-the-art, template-based video platform designed to craft personalized, brand-centric video content for bars and alcohol brands. This service enables businesses such as Global Pour and Ramberios to customize video templates with their own logos and unique cocktail recipes, ensuring their marketing resonates with their distinct audience while maintaining a cohesive brand narrative.

Solution Highlights:

Tailored Video Templates: Easy-to-adapt video frameworks that celebrate each bar's unique character and offerings.

Brand Coherence: Uniform brand representation across all customer touchpoints while allowing for individualized content.

Adaptability & Reach: Our services are refined to cater to single-location bars as well as expanding chains, adapting to different market scales and customer bases.

Videos can be delivered to social media posts, reels, stories or ads

Customized Video Variants for Our Clients:

We provide tailored video content that showcases the specialties of our clients, Global Pour and Ramberios:

Global Pour Signature Series

Custom videos highlighting the unique atmosphere and specialty cocktails of Global Pour, designed to attract and retain a loyal local clientele.

Ramberios Exclusive Selection

A premium range of videos featuring Ramberios’ distinguished selection of gin-based cocktails, reflecting the sophistication and exclusivity of their brand.


Our tier-based video customization solution empowers brands and agencies to address their unique challenges effectively. By offering a scalable, secure, and consistent approach to video content, CloudSolutions drives engagement and success across various market segments.