Content Authoring and Conversion Services

Learning happens best when it is interactive and engaging. And now, even the most complicated course material can be turned into an immersive experience, with the help of Flipick’s reauthoring and conversion services. You can render any existing or new content into 2D animations, build simulations for it, or add illustrations to topics that need conceptual understanding. All this is high-resolution content that’s light and mobile-friendly.

Currently, our clients are already offering thousands of such interactive educational experiences to their learners for competitive exams and training modules.

A Team of Creators and Managers

Each of our clients has a specific set of challenges. And to be able to take those on, we’ve got a diverse team of individuals that includes project managers, instructional designers, graphic artists, subject experts, animators, HTML production professionals as well as quality controllers.

Our process of content creation includes customer briefing, storyboarding, designing of mocks, animation of structures, creating responsive ePage, interaction and building question banks for assessments.

This combination of people and process is what helps our clients achieve more.

Content Formats

Flipick can author content in multiple formats and packages, including SCORM and XAPI

Responsive and Interactive HTML5
Fixed Layout ePub3
2D animations in HTML5
Whiteboard animations
Articulate SCORM packages