Responsive and Interactive HTML5

A web –based tools can use templates to intuitively build HTML5 content which would render will on desktop, tablets or smart phone

Whiteboard lectures

While everyone today knows the great advantages of using Whiteboard lectures to teach, maintaining the creation of high-quality content and delivering it across the world can be very expensive. Because usually, these videos are MP4 formats where even the shortest lectures can go up to over a GB of data per file.

But not Flipick whiteboard videos. They are always under 50 MB, and higher in video quality. So they can distributed to learners seamlessly and without using up too many resources.

It’s no wonder that the Flipick team has already created more than a thousand such lectures for its clients, across industries.

2D Animations in HTML

2D animator is a desktop tool that can create high quality animations without the need for scripting. The tool is used to build interactive and engaging modules with animations, interactions and forms