LTI Cloud

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

The IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard prescribes a way to easily and securely connect learning applications and tools with platforms like learning management systems (LMS), portals and learning object repositories on your premise or in the cloud, in a secure and standard manner and without the need for expensive custom programming. Using LTI, if you have an interactive assessment application or virtual chemistry lab, it can be securely connected to your LMS with a few clicks.

LTI Tool Provider

A Tool Provider exposes interfaces to one or more tools. It is useful to think of the Tool Provider as a wrapper around a tool. In this sense, the Tool Provider represents the entire system of Tool plus its interfaces.

LTI Tool Consumer

Instructors and students typically access Tools by activating links from within an LMS. Any system that offers access to a Tool is called a Tool Consumer.

Here is an example to explain the LTI use-case. A publisher plans to distribute content to its clients who have a different LMS. The publisher LMS needs to be a tool provider. At a course or dashboard level, the tool provider can expose parameters which are used to allow the SSO access. These include the URL, the consumer key and the secret key. The client LMS should be LTI tool consumer compliant.

Flipick LMS is a tool provider and consumer compliant


SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is the de-facto industry standard for content interoperability. Flipick responsive content builder, 2D animation, whiteboard tool and Articulate are examples of content authoring tools that can package content in SCORM format. Any LMS that is SCORM compliant can load content authored in SCORM

Let us take further the case of the publisher. If its client is not a LTI compliant tool consumer, SCORM is an alternative method to deliver content. Flipick LMS can host SCORM compliant content in the cloud. It can create a small SCORM proxy file which can be loaded to the client LMS.