Flipick LXP – MS Teams Integration

The user can experience content in the platform or in Microsoft Teams where he can collaborate with other users

Flipick LXP – MS Learn Integration

Flipick LXP provides a built-in integration with MS Learn as a provider. This integration is done using LTI Advantage (Learning Tools Interoperability)

Creating MS Learn as a Provider

Flipick LXP supports the setting up of multiple providers and their ability to dispatch content using different methodologies.

Assigning Students to the Provider

Tenant users who are students or teacher can be assigned these courses from MS Learn

Course Assignments

Authorised instructors can configure assignments for a specific list of students. This is done by providing a live search interface for modules and learning paths in MS Learn

Assignment Preview and Student Experience

This provides a preview of all courses assigned

Learner Reporting

Organisation Reporting

Learning progress of students across the entire organisation is tracked