For years, learning hasn’t learnt anything new. It’s same old way of handing out course material and consuming it impersonally. Well not anymore. With the Flipick LMS, you can personalize the learning experience for every learner, and build such engaging courses, they’ll never want to stop.

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All the lessons come alive

Turn instructions into demonstrations by augmenting traditional whiteboard lectures with engaging digital content like 2D animations, interactive videos and HTML5 responsive designs.

flipick Lms
flipick Lms

Add to learning, not to file size

Forget oversized learning videos by using the Flipick authoring tool. You can now render even 1-hour lectures into just a 100 MB file.

Classrooms that show, not just tell

Offer an interactive and collaborative learning environment to the learners anywhere in the world and let them progress at their pace

flipick Lms
flipick Lms

Testing makes perfect

Leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the learners understand the course material properly. Pre-test them with diagnostic assessments and chart out a unique learning curve with adaptive learning.

Don’t guess, know

Harness the power of in-depth, real-time analytics to track the progress of each learner. Get granular information about their performances with Tin Can xAPI or SCORM reports.

flipick Lms
flipick Lms

Personalized courses for personalized learning

Give the power of developing customized courses to your instructors and enable them to teach the way they want. Any MS Office file or a PDF can be converted into interactive course material.

Solutions that are right for you

Whether it’s the question of doing a full-scale project for branding, customization or third-party integration, Flipick LMS is always the right answer.

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