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Male Complete Anatomy

The human body is a complex structure made of thousands of distinct parts. These components can be organized based on region, such as head, neck, thorax, abdomen, and limbs, or based on similar functions, such as respiration or circulation

Treasury Management

Leveraging CourseBOT for Engaging Video Lectures on Treasury Management CourseBOT, an AI-assisted course builder, has been effectively leveraged to create a comprehensive series of 23 hours of video lectures for a Treasury Management course. Here’s a detailed summary of its utilization:

ESG Professional

The Certified ESG Professional: Impact Leader programme was developed using CourseBOT, an AI-powered course builder. Leveraging AI, the script was refined for enhanced clarity and expression. Additionally, a digital avatar of Dr. Garima Dadhich, Associate Professor at SoBE, IICA, was created to enrich the learning experience.

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Helping educators and organizations turn their unique knowledge base into custom AI-generated content.

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