Unlock the potential of learning with Flipick LMS

Forget the traditional ways of delivering instructions. Because with Flipick LMS, you can combine online and offline learning experiences and turn them into one powerful medium of learning.

Welcome to Learning 2.0.

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Flipick LMS – Intergated EdTech Ecosystem

  • Digital credentialing
  • e-assesment
  • Digital curriculum
  • Learning platforms, apps, tools
  • Learning data & analytics
  • It’s perfect for everyone

    It’s perfect for everyone

    Flipick LMS caters to corporates, educational institutes as well as publishers

    Corporate, yet friendly

    Deliver effective employee training with complete ease

    Education with a makeover

    Prepare students for anything an exam can throw at them

    Books publishing like never before

    Publish course material that is as interactive as it is educational

    Your portal. Your choice

    Your portal. Your choice.

    With Flipick LMS, you have the power to customize learning experiences the way you want to.

    One access to control

    Get super access to all learning centers with one click. You can also manage the course content, onboard learners and access analytics with ease.

    Learners have the license

    A single dashboard for learners to view courses, take assessments and analyze their performance

    Self-paced learning

    Let learners choose what they want to learn, how they want to learn, and when they want to learn

    The most advanced LMS ever

    The most advanced LMS ever

    Powerful. Flexible. Complete. It’s a learning platform like no other.

    Smart content for smart devices

    Support for Interactive media formats like HTML5, 2D animations, Whiteboard lectures, MP4, MS Word & PDF. There’s no limit to the amount of interactivity instructors can add to their courses.

    Data-mined analysis

    A comprehensive analysis of data to improve all areas of learning. Supported by Tin Can (xAPI) or SCORM statements and reports

    No streaming? No problem

    High quality content can now be delivered offline through fully encrypted tablets, pen drives and SD cards. The analytical data gets uploaded to cloud servers whenever the learner goes online.

    An unforgettable learning experience

    An unforgettable learning experience

    Any course material can become interesting and deeply instructional. All it requires are the right tools.

    Flipped Classrooms

    Combine on-demand teaching with digital interactivity to deliver highly engaging classroom sessions. Learners can enter from anywhere in the world at a prearranged date and time and experience one on one learning from expert instructors.

    Whiteboard Lectures

    Build crisp whiteboard lectures with or without an accompanying video thumbnail. This way, instructors can create fully interactive sessions using voice recording, annotations, photos and text.

    Personalized learning

    Plot a unique learning curve for every individual with adaptive learning and diagnostic assessments. Type of questions supported include MCQs, Drag & Drops based on subjective skills as well as MathML for mathematical typesetting.

    A platform that performs on all fronts

    A platform that performs on all fronts

    Sharply focused set of tools. Well thought out features. Solid infrastructure. The Flipick LMS is a dependable performer, always ready for deployment.

    Fully secure

    All the content – cloud, cached or offline – is delivered with high security encryption and an in-built DRM to restrict access rights for a specific number of devices.

    Built for more

    Extremely scalable cloud infrastructure using Elastic Computing capabilities of Amazon servers. This way, personalized learning can be deployed to any number of learners across the world.

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